Sunday, September 21, 2008

Going Green!

No seriously... I am trying to go green!!

Global warming is really worrying me. What kind of an earth are we going to leave for our children and the generations to follow?

I have started carrying my own shopping bags to the grocery store. As much as possible I try to avoid the use of plastic bags. If I forget to take my reusable bag, I walk out of Walmart with things overflowing .... but I still try to make it to the van without a plastic bag. This also helps me buy less (read: spend less money) because I stick to the necessities only (on my shopping list) that I will be able to carry to the van in my hands.

I have reduced my Ziploc bag usage by 95%. Whenever the need arises, I just think of what would I have done if I were in India(I am talking about the India in which I grew up, not the present India)? Believe it or not... you find a solution.... containers! That reminds me I try to stick to glass containers only because of the harmful side effects of plastic!
The keyword over here is TRY! Life does not come to a standstill if you don't use Ziploc bags.

I even pack my kids' lunch in reusable containers. This includes the juice also. Yeah..... the food manufacturers are coming up with convenient, individual packets for juice but what happens at the cafeteria at school? Does a child finish it all? Chances are he or she finishes it half and then is out of time or wants to go and play. So, what happens to the juice box?
You guessed it right - in the trash it goes! Now, though the juice carton has a 'recycle' (Triangle) sign on it, did it get recycled? Probably not because the child did not toss it in the recycling bin. Moreover, it had some juice left in it and anything with food in/on it cannot be recycled!! There is one more contribution to the landfill!! Instead, if the juice was packed in a reusable juice cup, all that the child would have to do was screw on the cap, return it to the lunch bag and take it home and finish it while having snack or dinner! This saves a juice carton from going to the landfill and also waste of food (juice) is reduced! Thereby, enabling us to save more money. It is retail industry's rule of thumb... anything in bulk or bigger sizes is cheaper than individually wrapped/boxed items. Then, why not save money by buying a bigger juice carton and filling the juice cup from home? Why pay someone for the convenience when you can create the convenience on your own?

In my quest to do so, I even thought of buying the 'Laptop Lunch Box'..... but it is way too pricey for a first grader! If he loses a container... there goes my $10.00 bill to buy replacements. Instead I designed my own Laptop Lunchbox at home! Luckily, I found a lunch bag with a removable tray at Meijer's. This became the body of the laptop that I had to fill in with individual containers! Now if my son forgets or loses a container it doesn't bother me at all.
I gave myself a pat on the back for this!

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  1. Hi Hetal, good going. Nice blog. Keep it up. You made some good points about cutting down the use of zip lock bags. Will keep that in mind. Keep the posts coming.