Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why 'red cilantro'?

Well... no particular reason!! I came up with lots of names, but they were all taken. Sitting at DH's business I even used names of wines... but believe it or not they were all taken! Guess too many wine lovers. So I thought of coming up with something crazy.... something that did not exist. Hence, Red Cilantro!!!

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  1. Hey - I like the name Red Cilantro! Quite innovative I must say. And I do love your posts about efforts to go green. But your thought on what would you do without ziploc bags in India does not apply anymore. I live in India now and have seen that they are available in most stores these days. Looks like a lot more people are using them. Anyways, pls pat your seven year old's back from my side - don't let his spirits down one bit.