Friday, October 10, 2008

Reduce, Reduce, Reduce!

It is very well said by Gandhiji that "You must be the change that you wish to see in the world."

I think I have become more serious about going green after reading this. I just can't sit on my sofa cribbing about global warming and do nothing! I have to get up and take the necessary steps. So what if I take baby steps. At least I am starting somewhere!!!

Have you ever looked at the packaging materials in a toy? It took us good 25 minutes and 3 tools- a pair of scissors, pliers and a screw driver- to open a toy that I bought for my kids. Is all this packaging material really needed? I have started looking at the packaging material in any item that I purchase. I go for the one with the least amount of it.

This takes me back to buying in bulk! Can't we just buy snacks in bulk and then come home and create individual servings? Do we really need 100 calorie snack packs? Why create extra litter when we can do it on our own in yes, you guessed in right.... reusable containers!! This even makes it easier to just grab a container and walk out of the door in the morning. Not only snacks, we can do so for vegetables and fruits also.

My efforts towards the 3 Rs:
1. Bought pretzels in bulk and made individual servings in reusable containers for my kids to snack on later on.

2. Bought strawberries in bulk. Washed and stored some in the fridge and froze the rest. Now I won't have to buy frozen strawberries when they are not in season.

3. For at least 5 minutes in a day I talk to my kids about the 3 Rs. I guess my younger one went overboard with it. I offer jaggery to Lord Ganesha everyday and my son loves it. He saw it lying on the counter and ate it. According to him, it was his contribution towards going green- he ate it (reused according to him) otherwise it would be wasted!

4. On an unplanned trip to the grocery store, I was caught without my reusable bags. I had no option, but to use a plastic bag because I had to buy mint leaves and cilantro. So, I put both in one bag and told the cashier. Then, I did not get it rebagged. This way I used just one bag and saved one bag from coming in my home.

5. I bought a used office desk from someone who did not need it any more. It is a very sturdy desk and I just paid $50.00 for it.

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