Wednesday, February 18, 2009


On New Year's day there are tons of resolutions made and by Valentine's day they are broken!! I have been a victim of RMB syndrome for so long that I have stopped making any resolutions. O btw, RMB syndrome is not a disease... it is Resolution Make and Break Syndrome... that I just discovered while I was typing this.

During 2009 I intend to:
  • be more active on my blog
  • be more involved with my kids (why do I always feel that I don't do enough? Am I a normal Mom?)
  • follow the 3 R's religiously
  • set realistic expectations from my kids
  • eat healthy and lose weight (its my intention not my resolution)
  • find cheap activities for my kids
  • be more creative at home and implement 'Count your blessings not your sorrows and Think positive and move on' in my life.
I want to teach the last one to my kids also without making it sound like a lecture and boring. Gosh..... the joys of mommyhood are endless!!

That reminds me of a cute incident that SP4 told me happened at school...

SP4: Mom, you know President Lincoln was a very nice President.
Me: O yeah! What did he do?
SP4: He said slavery is not good. Do you know what are slaves?
Me: No, can you tell me please?
SP4: Slaves are when people sell people for things. President Lincoln ran in the elections, but he lost.
Me: Then, what happened?
SP4: Then, he ran and ran and ran and then he won!!!

More next time... I hope by the next post I have increased my creativity. I want to take scrap booking lessons... but don't know when..