Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

How I love all my special days....... because for my kids a special day starts with breakfast in bed! So, here we go.... my mother's day (05/10/09) was supposed to start with breakfast in bed, but because of an early morning phone call from my cousin, I woke up before the bunch! Well, there I sat on the sofa waiting for my tea, watching Good Morning America!!! 30 minutes later the heads started peeping one by one. There was a lot of running back and forth between my bedroom and the kids' bedroom. I could hear a few whispers and even snarls. After a lot a of commotion, hubby walks out with the gift while my kids hand me the cards and hugs. The gift holder hands the gift over to the kids and they do the honors. It was beautiful....... they got me a digital photo frame and for once hubby had preplanned something. He had loaded all the pictures on the frame so as soon as he plugged it in, I could see my beautiful kids on there!!! I felt like there was a tsunami of maternal juices in my body. Everything maternal... feelings, instincts, emotions, etc was oozing out. As my kids are growing up I am gradually experiencing some of the feelings that the Indian television moms experience like tears rolling down when a child says or does something.

I experienced it recently at SP5's Mother's day event at school on last Wednesday. All the kids were lined up in his classroom and all the moms were at at the most 2 feet distance from them. The teachers had taught them beautiful songs that SP5 sang looking at me straight into my eyes. I could not control my emotions... I had a wide smile on my face and my eyes welled up for the first time at something so simple. It was not the words of the song or the event.. I think it was just how SP5 was looking straight into my eyes and singing as if he truly means each and every word that he sang. ( I think he did!)

The songs were something like this:

I love you MOMMY, my dearest MOMMY
You make me happy when I am sad
I want to tell you
I really love you
When I am with you I am so glad!

The second song was:

Thank you MOM for all your hugs, all your hugs, all your hugs
It feels good to me!
Thank you MOM for all your kisses, all your kisses, all your kisses
It feels good to me!
Thank you MOM for all you love, all your love, all your love
It feels good to me!

IP7 on the other hand is a whole different game. He wants to please me all the time! The first time he did something that made my eyes well up was when was 2.5 years old. He brought a leaf from his morning walk with my MIL for me. The first song he sang for me was:

My MOM is special, my MOM is special
Do you see, do you see?
I love when she loves me
I love when she loves me
Lucky me, lucky me!
(Where is thumbkin tune)
I really like his idea of Mother's day. All he wants me to do on that day is RELAX!! He actually let me do it. Hubby took care of the kids all day and I went shopping! Unfortunately, I did not find any good deals so I returned empty handed :((

After a long time I truly felt like it was a special day that I did not want to end! At night after tucking my kids in bed, I thought, ' Thank you Lord for my beautiful kids who shower their unconditional love on me!'

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  1. I am happy that you enjoyed your very special day, dids!