Sunday, August 16, 2009

I really have a lot to learn from my kids!

All summer long IP7 and his two other friends must have prayed at least once a day that they are in Mr. B's second grade class coz he is very funny and COOL. All of us moms were also a bit nervous because each of us wished that their wish came true. I even secretly prayed before heading to school on the day the class lists were posted. At school, the first thing IP7 did was to scroll down Mr. B's class list. His name was in Mr. B's class. Unfortuantely, his friends got a different teacher.I was super excited whenI found out that he made it to Mr. B's class. For a moment IP7 was excited, but soon the excitement started fading away. I kept bugging him, but he wouldn't tell me the real reason. Then, after about half an hour of my cajoling and nagging, he said," Mom, I am happy that my dream came true, but I am also sad because my friends' didn't."
I was speechless for a few seconds!
My gosh..... my seven year old had said such a big thing that I as his parent had easily overlooked. I was so self centered! All I thought about was my son's dream and it coming true. I was a little upset that his friends couldn't make it, but I got over it quicker than a blink. I guess it was a minor thing for me as an adult, but it was such a huge thing for those 3 seven year olds. I guess its these little things that matter to them the most.
On the other hand, IP7's other friend who went to check the list after we did, was super excited for IP7 for making it in Mr. B's class though he did not! He borrowed his mom's cell phone and called us from school and said, "Guess what IP7, your dream has come true!"
These boys care for each other so much that they are happy in the other's achievements and sad in the other's loss w/o worrying about themselves.
This is truly 'The Art of Living'!
I love you IP7!!

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