Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great thinking!!

Upon given a choice whether SP5 should buy a $25.00 tub of legos or $29.00 one, he picked the former. His logic was very simple, " I picked the cheaper one so that we can save the money and buy a house in California."


  1. Awwwww...what a mature but cute little boy! I am proud of him H! So are you really looking to move back to Cali soon?

  2. Divs: Yes!!!!!!!! You know I never really liked the midwest, and last winter when hubby told me about his plans, I was the happiest person on earth! Let's see when that happens, but I can feel sunny Cali calling me back!

  3. Oh wow - good for you! Although I won't be able to see you anymore but good to know you're going where you want to be. So u looking for a place to buy in Cali these days? Howz the market? And where in Cali?