Friday, November 13, 2009

Where is my baby?

This morning was so wonderful!! IP woke up at 6:15 am when my alarm went off. I was still in bed when he decided to get ready for school. He was ready by 7:45 am and accompanied me to Sam's Club to buy some miscellaneous items for the store. It was a crisp November morning so he just put on a light jacket. As soon as I parked the car he opened the door and got down. While I was grabbing my keys and purse, he opened my door. What a gentleman he is!!!! (His Dad needs to learn something from him.)
As soon as we entered Sam's Club, they had free breakfast pastry and coffee for patrons. I picked one up for him and we started walking towards the pop aisle. He held on to the pastry, as he thought it was wrong to start eating without paying for it. He still did not want to eat it, in spite of being told that it is free -'because it is not good to eat in the store.'
After I was done, we started heading out and he walked right next to me.. straight and tall!!!
Since his jacket had the logo on the inner side of the collar at the back, he had the collar up and the front ears slightly folded! Gosh... where is my little baby? When did he grow up so much? I never knew IP, who until yesterday wore whatever I picked for him, was so fashion conscious.... Today I felt like I was walking with a big boy... not my baby anymore. There was no 'I want to sit in the cart', 'I want to walk', 'Can I push the cart?'..... I did not have to remind him to hurry up or walk faster.
The entire trip was so calm and peaceful except for the toy aisle. The big boy who accompanied me to Sam's Club became my baby again!! If it wasn't for the much as I hate them, I love them for showing me that my baby is still there within the big boy who will soon be eight next week!!!
I LOVE YOU IP!!! You totally rock!!!

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  1. Wow you must be such a proud mommy! Congratulations for raising such well mannered and positive kids HVP!