Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Achievement Wall

Look at what I came up with to store and display my kids' achievements. Now everything is on one wall. While I was working on the wall, my kids were at the pool beating the scorching heat. When they came back, they were so happy to see this. It makes me proud of my kids. It also encourages my kids a lot!!
Now I don't feel bad because all the ribbons earned from swim meets are not boxed up or all the Tae Kwon Do belts are not lying on the floor or hanging in the closet.
They all have a home now!


  1. I am a Mom of two boys as is into martial arts too, so I can appreciate your wall. COme by and visit sometime...I have a before and after party going on too.

  2. Hi Debbie:
    Thanks for visiting and your comment. Your comment is special because it is the first comment I have received from someone other than my friend, Divs!!
    I was so happy when I figured out what to do with the Martial Arts belts!

  3. I'm sure it makes them very proud, especially when friends and family will come and appreciate all the achievements they've earned.