Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly Bands are not so silly any more!!

Those things called silly bands or zany bands that are a wild craze among kids are driving me crazy. It is a rubber band shaped like an animal, dress, dessert, bugs, cars, shoes,dragon, dinosaurs and now USA... that packet includes the map of USA, a dollar sign, the liberty bell, the eagle... Pretty soon I think they will come up with President Obama's face. IP is pictured with his initial collection of 70 rubberbands. Now he has way more than that because they trade them with friends. Some of them are highly rare and precious. I even see a lot of adults wearing those.

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  1. Niiiice :-) Tell your kids that this is not environmentally friendly and hope that helps them reduce the craze :-)

    BTW when are you taking up my tag? I tagged you here