Sunday, October 17, 2010

William Sonoma Knock off Hurricanes

I know... I know these are all over blogland, but I had to try my hand on them. They sounded very easy to make and they really are!

All that is required is:
1. Vases from the dollar store.
2. Taper candle holders from the dollar store.
3. E6000 glue.

Here's how you proceed:
Remove the label from the vases and candle holders.
Apply glue around the edge of the candle holder and gently invert it in the center of the bottom of the vases.
Put some weight on the candle holders and allow them to dry for a few hours.
That's it! They are ready to be filled with candles, rocks, beads, decorative balls, christmas ornaments.... let your imagination run wild!!

Total cost is $2.00 per hurricane.

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