Friday, January 21, 2011

Where am I on the priority list?

Nowhere is the answer!!!

Work, cook, clean, take care of kids, take them to activities, make sure they eat healthy nutritious meals, ensure that they know their multiplication and addition facts, their homework is done, piano practice is done, make sure VP has bhakhri for breakfast and much more..... in an attempt to accomplish all of this and much more in a day I am lost not even pushed to the back burner! I don't think I even have a chance to grab a bite leave aside a healthy one! On my calendars from 2006 - 2010, there is not a single appointment for myself.... not even for a manicure or facial! Thanks VP for putting up with my face and nails!

So this year... 2011, I have decided to make it my year! I have noticed that I am gaining weight day in and day out. Two hours into the day and I don't have any energy or stamina. I run out of breath when I brisk walk from the parking lot to my office which is a short less than a minute walk. I have never experienced this before. I am not doing anything different, in fact my work load at home has increased, I am spending more time on my feet than before, but the rate at which I am putting on the pounds is not even funny anymore! I didn't gain this fast even during my pregnancies.

I guess I need to stop whining and take control now! Not doing anything different is the point here. I know 35 is young, but it's not 25 (dang it!) So I have decided I AM GOING TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF! Enough procrastination!!!!!!!!!

I have finally scheduled a long time overdue doc's appointment for a physical check up. I haven't had one in approximately 5 years. Shame on me! Just keeping my fingers crossed that all my reports are normal so that I don't have to listen to any doc lectures or don't have to see the astonished face or rolling eyes of the nurse.

I have always wanted to start the 30 min shred program, but again PROCRASTINATOR #1 that I am.... never really started it. Can't say confidently when, but soon I will start it.

I hate exercising!!!!!! One more reason and the REAL reason why I haven't started the shred program yet. But I have to start somewhere. I was going to start with Wii fit plus, made a promise to IP about 2 weeks ago that we will when he gets back from school, but didn't keep it. The amount of promises that I am breaking with that little kid I think he is not going to trust me anymore.

On NG's recommendation, I have even purchased My Fitness Coach for the Wii since summer of 2010. How many times have I used it? I have to shamefully say once! :(( So I think until I start the Shred I should start Wii Fit Plus / My Fitness Coach. Then I won't crib about the weather or find a lame excuse for not exercising.

Don't know my exercise plan yet, but will put one in place ASAP.

I have started drinking 2 glasses of warm water soon after I brush in the morning. The only drawback is I have to use the washroom every 20 minutes. I will make a conscious effort to drink 8 glasses everyday.

I hope I am able to stick to all this and add to it instead of ..... :(

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