Friday, April 1, 2011


It was such a relaxing day today! The weather could make anyone depressed instantly, but not at the Patel household. It was a wild morning with laughing, games and fun! There was a lot of teasing going on and the poor victim was none other than IP!

He was so convinced by his friends to watch the movie "TANGLED" that he wanted to watch it on the family movie night which was last night. After dinner and clean up we all cuddled up in our blankets and ordered the movie from 'on-demand'. The whole thing started on a wrong note because the movie was $4.99 on 'on-demand'. Had we borrowed it from the red box, it would have cost us a buck! The thrifty me was unhappy already. But we can't let the excitement die... so I continued with a happy face. The movie is made for younger girls. There is a little bit of romance, little bit of action, a little of comedy, and a lot of singing. At one point I thought we were watching a musical.

It was a lot of fun watching SP. That little dude was rolling his eyes every 15 minutes or so!! Even IP was sort of bored, but didn't want to confess.

Well, we took the whole experience very lightly, but we utilized it as a teaching moment. VP and I talked to both our boys and explained how important it is to not fall for peer pressure and to make an educated decision on anything in life. SP lectured IP on how his choice was a waste of time, money and movie night. He still rolls his eyes at the thought of "Tangled".

It is true that as concerned parents, how much ever we try to teach our kids... sometimes experience IS the best teacher. IP learned has learned his lesson.... I hope he remembers it!

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