Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodwill Finds!!

I walked into my closet today and was shocked at the overwhelming amount of clothes that I don't wear. They are either too big (not that I have lost any weight, I guess I just bought them larger)or faded. I thought I had gotten rid of all the unwanted clothes during spring cleaning, but I guess not!Oh now I remember... I had saved the larger clothes because I wanted to trying refashioning them into something smaller and more stylish. I have never attempted something so huge like refashioning because of a few unsuccessful attempts that were supposedly simple with a sewing machine.

I must be in a weird mood because now that I think about it, I just donated an Aeropostale sweatshirt and my SJSU's sweatshirt!! Why did I do that? I don't care about the Aeropostale sweatshirt, but the SJSU sweatshirt.... :(( I felt good every time I wore it. It would take me back to those days in sunny CA!!I had once worn it on the plane to India and a fellow passenger (an older American gentleman) stopped me and said,"Do you know where is SJSU? I live in Sunnyvale which is very close to SJSU." I remember I had proudly replied, "I am a student at SJSU Sir."

Well, coming back to the topic! When I went to donate my goods at Goodwill (GW), I thought of browsing the store, though it has a drive through drop off facility. The one fact I hate about walking into a GW store is the smell of freshly laundered clothes. I don't know if the donated clothes are washed prior to being brought on the floor, or they spray an air freshener with fresh laundry fragrance, but I can smell the detergent and fabric softener.

 I love their book section though! I have been able to get some good reference books in the past for just $1.79 fixed rate for hard cover books.
I particularly thought today's trip was extremely successful because I managed to bag 9 out of 13 books of the Series of Unfortunate Events (SoUE) at $0.59. Of course, it is GW after all..... so the books are not grouped together or neatly stacked... you have to finger through each book individually. At first I just glimpsed through the book section and thought it wasn't a good day when I saw book #2 of SoUE. I was actually looking for The Magic Tree House books that SP loves to read and thought of holding on to book #2 of SoUE while I look for more Magic Tree House books.

I  found only two Magic Tree House books, but I found 9 SoUE books. I was so happy!!!
When I got home, IP and SP were overjoyed on seeing the loot! We attacked the SoUE that same night and I found it extremely interesting. I finished the first book that night....I am on book 4 but now I am getting a little annoyed with Violet and Klaus Baudelaire for blurting out things in front of Count Olaf when they are supposedly extremely smart and well read kids; and Sunny on the other hand is extremely understanding for her age. I hope all toddlers were like that!

Overall, it was a good day at GW.... got rid of unnecessary things and got some necessary things!


  1. Not sure why I can't see my earlier comment on this :( Nyways, will try again.

    Really liked the way you worded the ending "got rid of unnecessary things and got some necessary things" :-) I love going to thrift stores too - especially for magazines and arts and crafts stuff. Any store recommendations in India?

  2. Hey Divs!
    I am sorry I don't know of any thrift stores in India. Do they even have thrift stores in India? I will still check around for you.