Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Precious Home -- The Earth!

Treat the earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.

The above is a Native American prayer which is more than 100% applicable to my generation. 

We have become such a convenience oriented society that we are generating mounds and mounds of trash that fills the landfills and oceans. We have started behaving as if we were raised using convenience products like paper towels, ziploc bags, plastic bags, aluminum foil, individual snack packs, etc. We have just stopped thinking of alternatives! We have forgotten that there are cloth napkins, glass or stainless steel containers. I agree that there is something called hygiene, but reusable napkins and containers are hygienic enough. The only thing  that does not disturb me much is "Kleenex" because it is a paper product which will easily disintegrate and not land in the land fill for 100 years. I advocate the use of Kleenex only if you are suffering from cold and runny nose. Not to wipe your wet hands.

It sometimes gets me worried because the corporations are making us a convenience oriented society. They want us to get hooked on to their products. But they don't think and we don't think if it is good for the planet or not in the longer run. Even when I go to Costco it disturbs me to see the trash cans full of small, plastic cups and spoons that they use for food trial. They should come up with another option. 

Something that recently caught my attention was individually wrapped prunes! Common people.... can't we just pick one prune from a jar full? What is wrong is the prune is individually wrapped in plastic and all the plastic wrapped prunes are then bagged in plastic. That is a double whammy!!! The worst thing about this packaging is that the nutrition snap shot suggests a serving size of four prunes. Then why not pack them in fours? Gosh.. this is not rocket science!


  1. Totally agree Hetal ........ Would love to work with you on this spree . It's high time, people should change their attitude now and start working towards saving earth.Every small effort towards going green will count.

  2. Yup agreed. We do our own bit to stay green but every small bit from every person counts. I think US is the most unfriendly towards green initiatives by proliferating napkins, plastic, etc. like you said. In India, it is much better where many states have banned plastic bags in shops etc.

  3. @Anchal: Yes, we have to make May Watts a green school. That's what Mr. Raczak wants also. It won't help if we just keep talking. We have to start acting. Now is the time!
    @Divs: I completely agree with you... it is just out of control here! People are so used to disposables that they don't think twice. I know that SFO has banned plastic bags and people in Oakland and other northern Bay Area cities are more aggresive than the mid west in their green initiatives.
    I have noticed the increase in demand for ziploc bags and AL foil in India. Are they easily available?