Sunday, May 22, 2011

Staff Appreciation Lunch

 Last week was Staff Appreciation week and I realized that on Friday, 05/20/11.... It completely slipped out of my mind that we do Staff Appreciation lunch during Staff Appreciation week even though I had signed up to send two lunch boxes for two staff members. Normally, in my right mind, I send a small gift every day. Something simple like a flower or a candy with a thank you note and we do a nice gift on Friday. Last year we had prepared a movie package. I hate myself for not taking pictures! I bought plastic popcorn containers and filled it with a microwaveable popcorn bag, some theater candies and two movie tickets for the teacher and their significant other. The year before last, I has sent a plant with a hand written note by IP that said, "Thank you for helping me grow."

But this year.... I don't know what was I thinking? :((

Well, coming back to the lunches.... The PTA needed 55 lunch boxes on 05/20/11. So, I had volunteered to send 2. Being a vegetarian, I thought a lunch from Panera Bread would be my best bet. I ordered the Bacon Turkey bravo on a tomato basil bread sandwich with apple, grape juice and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. The folks at Panera were very helpful. They designed the box beautifully with the lace doily.

 My boys wrote a general thank you note to the teachers because we did not know which staff member would pick our box. I did not change the note at all. I wanted it to be an original, hand written note without Mommy edits. We also taped the menu on each box for obvious reasons.

Before delivering the lunches, VP and I were feeling very happy and proud about my Panera bread idea. But when I went to school.... boy oh boy!!!! some Parents had done awweessome jobs!! There were decorated baskets with food, reusable lunch bags from Whole Foods filled with freshly prepared items from Whole Foods. There were a couple lunches in sand buckets with a beach theme going on... the Mom had placed flip flops and a beach towel in the sand bucket along with the food. There were some homemade meals and some Starbucks packages. There were a few like me also.... Panera and Subway lunches. But hey... its the thought that counts and now I know better!


  1. dear mom,

    I liked the things at panaara bread.


  2. Hey!! Joyous to see this staff appreciation lunch party. Our boss has been planning an office party at one of corporate events NYC. So helping in arranging everything but still need to have few best ideas for the day. Please suggest food menu ideas!