Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Piano Teacher - Birthday gift

The message read:
Dear Mr. Mike:
Happy Birthday!
Thank you for helping us grow in music!
You ROCK!!
I glued the message on a popsicle stick and inserted the stick in a potted plant from my porch. It turned out very cute! Mr. Mike loved it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Candygrams-- End of the year gifts for Teachers!

Every year we give thank you gifts to teachers on the last day of school! This year we decided that the theme was CANDIES. We made candygrams for the class room teachers and candy cards for the support staff! My boys had a ball making these! They were very tempted to eat the candies while gluing them to the poster board. SP and I came up with the message after we had our stash. Finding the candies in Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc was a little difficult. So I went to a gas station and I found everything there. I just picked ones that I could use in a sentence and then came home and thought it over. I really wanted SMARTIES instead of NERDS, but I couldn't find it at the four stores that I went to. So, my SMARTIES, IP and SP, decided to cover up the word NERDS with SMARTIES. I forgot to take a picture after the cover up.

Our message was:

Dear Mrs. W / Mrs B:

I SKORed big when I got you for my teacher.Being in your class was MOUNDS of fun! I ORBITed through out the MILKYWAY, but you are the best of all! Because of you I am a SMARTIE and not an AIRHEAD.You deserve 100 GRAND on PAYDAY for all the EXTRA fun and learning! You are a SWEETART (sweet heart). Please TAKE 5 minute break and relax your knee.
Thank you for the wonderful year.
I wrote the message lightly in pencil and the boys traced over it.

Here's our cute Candygram:

For the support staff, we wrote thank you cards and stuck a KITKAT on it.

The classroom teachers were very happy and surprised! IP and SP said that all the kids in their class were drooling over the candies.  IP and SP were the happiest because they made a cool thank you gift for their teachers.