Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday, Son!

It is hard for us to believe that you are 10 years old. It feels like it was just yesterday that we saw your precious face in the wee hours of 11/18/2001 and were overjoyed. We truly experienced the feeling of being happy on that day. Your eyes were open and your hair was dark and curly. You had a twinkle in your eye which you have even today. You have filled our lives with love forever.

It really amazes us how one minute you behave like an immature ten year old boy wanting to have fun and all the candies and chocolate chip cookies in the world, and the next you are discussing important matters with us. 

Ishu, you have taught us the meaning of ‘unconditional love’. You always show so much love, respect and concern for everyone around you no matter how they treat you. You are so loving and forgiving. That is definitely a quality you have inherited from your Dad. Even though your brother gets mad at you for no reason, copies you, talks rudely with you, deep down you love him a lot. You always get concerned when he gets in trouble. We hope that you both always get along very well with each other because he will be the only person in the world who will care for you as much as you do for him. And when we get old and grouchy, you will need each other to vent out. Always be there for each other, guys. 

Ishman (as your kaka calls you), we often see you being hard on yourself and striving for everything you do to be perfect. But you are OK for who you are even when things are not perfect and you make mistakes. People will like you whether you are funny or not. So please be yourself and don’t ‘try’ to be silly or funny. We know that you are a kid that can weather tough storms and come out OK. You show us time and time again that you are brave, strong, and wise. We are proud of all your achievements!

You are an awesome sportsman! You excel at whichever sport you pick up. Be it swimming, soccer, or even ice hockey. We were amazed when you taught yourself pogo sticking in a matter of a few hours! Remember beta, it is better to be smart than cool or silly. As you grow up, you will meet lots of different people – some good, some not so good. Please choose your friends wisely. Please be influenced by the good people in your life.
As always, a family discussion cannot end without talking about education. Can it? So, please remember that education will always help you out in life. Always stay focused on your goal of academic excellence.

We know that sometimes we scold you for whatever the reason may be - sometimes it is your fault, many a times not. But please remember that Dad and I love you a lot and wish the best for you.

Dhinglu, as you embark on the second decade of your life we hope that you always remember that you are indeed loved for exactly who you are right now and for the young man you are growing into.  As we say often, we are your family and you will always be loved no matter what.  This is the soft place you can land where you will always be OK and you will always be loved — no matter what. 

Happy 10th Birthday, Betu!


  1. OMG - Ishan is turning 10 already???? Wow and I still remember the day you just got married HVP :-) Happy birthday to the big boy!

  2. Yeah Divs, it is hard for me to believe it too. I keep remembering the song "Let them be little" ... don't know where the years went by. I miss my little baby. Thanks for the wishes though!

  3. Happy Bday Ishan and welcome back to you:)great post.

  4. Thank you so much, Nayana! I had taken some time off because of busy work schedule. I am glad to be back connecting with my friends in blogland.

  5. This is so sweet! I can identify with your feelings, as I'm also a mom. Best wishes to you all.

  6. Oh my gosh.. I have mini tears in my eyes.. as I read.. and wonder.. do all moms fell the same.. ??

    Happy Birthday to your little one!!

    My daughter turns 9 next months.. and *sigh*.. I cant tell how I can relate to each and every line that you've said.. from being.. an immature little kid.. to suddenly sounding all grown up and knowing exactly what she wants..

    I share your feelings.. and here is a big *hug*.. for mommyhood..

  7. Could feel it :) such a sweet letter,..