Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eggless Pineapple Cake

My friend, Anchal, had hosted a potluck dinner to celebrate our friends Priyanka and Pradeep's wedding anniversary. I chose to bake my Eggless Pineapple Cake that Priyanka loves. The first time she tasted the cake, she said that she is not a cake person, but devoured this one. So, I thought why not bake it for her on her special day? Then it struck to me that a Pineapple cake might not go too well with kids so I decided to make a Chocolate Cake which I will write about in another post.

Meanwhile, enjoy some clicks of the first cake I baked for a gathering. I was extremely proud of myself, so were my kids and hubby. The cake was amazingly moist and tasted delicious!

It reminded me of Biba Aunty, our bestest neighbor in India and my Mom's very good friend. My Mom did bake cakes, but never frosted them. So, at that time Biba Aunty was a Master Chef to me. She was the first one to introduce me to homemade whipped cream frosting. At that point in time I was not at all tempted to give it a shot because all I remember from Mom and her discussions was that it was a tedious process. She manually whisked the cream over a bowl of ice. I whisked it with my electric beaters and was exhausted.... I can imagine her pain. Thank you Biba Aunty for always fulfilling our requests with a smile! This one is for you!

The cake was my basic Eggless Sponge Cake. It was a two layered cake filled with freshly whipped cream and pineapple tit bits. I then iced the cake with whipped cream and decorated it with pineapple rings and raspberries. I love the contrast of the yellow pineapple rings and red raspberries on the white icing.

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  1. Lovely cake with pineapples on top...thanks for linking this to my event.

  2. And in your blog list I saw kuch khayal aate hain..anchal's blog...she is my chuddy buddy..we went to same school :)and I guess from your post that it's same anchal. World is so small :)

  3. Raji, thank you for your comment! The World is small in deed. You have an awesome blog. I had heard about it from Anchal. In fact, I reached your event through her blog.

  4. Thank you Anisha! Such a coincidence... I just visited your blog from Patty's and I bookmarked your Baked Yogurt with Cinnamon and Orange compote recipe.... returned to my blog to see a comment from you.

  5. Hetal..I am going to pin this and you must write recipe for eggless chocolate son's bday is next month and I so want to learn this...this looks so beautiful and yummy:)

  6. It looks very pretty and Delish! I wish I was a fabulous baker but for now will have to be content with drooling on my screen;)
    I am your next door neighbor over at tips & tutes Tuesday, so I thought I should come over and say hello! Nice to "meet" you!
    Nicole @