Monday, April 30, 2012

Matki Cake

My friend, Sunita, is an enthusiastic baker with an amazing sense of humor. Her daughter, Snehal loves Lord Krishna. For her eighth birthday, Snehal or Chikki as she is fondly called asked for a Krishna Cake!

Sunita, like me, does not like to use fondant or any other unhealthy ingredients in the cake. So, though she received a lot of suggestions from friends to use fondant, edible paper, symbolic things, etc. she tossed all of them. Fondant because it is healthy and it tastes bad, edible paper because then again we would cut the Lord's image and eat it. Moreover, she was going to bake the cake with eggs so she did not want the Lord to rest on it. Personally, even I am against photo image cakes because it would be really disturbing to cut my child's image and eat it. I wouldn't mind a sports team or toy logo or a princess picture... but never something that I love and value!

Well, coming back to the cake. Sunita did not want to make a cake of symbolic things like a peacock feather or flute because it requires lot of precision and perfection. She did not want to bake
"something" that looks like a peacock feather or flute.
She wracked her mind for a few days when suddenly she had her aha moment! She decided to bake a Matki Cake which is definitely symbolic and as far as the shape was taken care of the rest would be manageable.

She baked two 8" cakes for the body of the matki, one cake in her pyrex bowl for  the lower dome and a small cake for the top of the matki.
She assembled the cake with the whipped cream frosting sandwiched between the layers. The cake was frosted with whipped cream frosting also. She beat some frosting slightly more to give it the home made butter look that Lord Krishna loves and topped the cake with that.

Sunita's hubby found an image of Krishna on line which he laminated and glued on a skewer. The skewer was inserted in the cake which made it look the cutest cake in the world - Lord Krishna offering home made makkhan from the pot! Using this technique,  though Lord Krishna's image was used, it was neither touching the cake nor was it cut. The problem was solved!

It was a very sweet result of Sunita's hard work and effort that only a Mom can put in for a child.

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  1. What a lovely cake. This looks amazing! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas!

  2. That's wonderful!! Same thing I was thinking of for my son's b'bay...sure going to give it a try.

  3. Thats such a wonderful idea.. loved this.. totally loved it.. :)