Sunday, April 8, 2012

Monster Truck Cake

My nephew, Punit, turns three today. I still remember the day he was born. I naturally felt him to be an extension of myself. Everyone was overjoyed and excited. My Dad even got a little teary eyed.

This year for his birthday, I decided to do something more than what we do every year. I baked a cake for him and because he loves cars and trucks I decided to make him a Monster Truck Cake. I tried to create a the scene using what I has at home. I wanted to see the joy on Punit's face so I FaceTimed with my brother. Punit's eyes lit up on seeing the cake. I think this was the best use of technology. He blew from India and Ishaan blew the candle here. He thought he actually blew the candle. We sang the birthday song for him and he sang along with us. He even opened his mouth to eat the cake. It was all so cute. Like Shiv says, 'With FaceTime we are together, but not together.'

Getting back to the cake...I first started with two 8" eggless Chocolate cakes. Sandwiched chocolate ganache, whipped cream and strawberries (my family loves this combo) between the two cakes and frosted the whole sandwich with chocolate ganache. I then piped some grass and borders with green and yellow frosting.

The next day I ran graham crackers in a food processor and spread the crumbs on the top to create the arena.

I gave my boys' monster trucks and cars a good wash. I used graham crackers to form the ramp and path on which the cars sat so though the cars were washed, they were not touching the cake.

The cake came out very cute! Punit was extremely overjoyed on seeing the cake.

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  1. Once again superb creation Hetal , you are an expert dear :)

  2. aaaaww.. thats so sweet!! Happy Birthday to little Puneet.. Bet he must have been super impressed by you!! Totally loved this one!! Thanks for popping by at Colours Dekor.. :)