Monday, May 28, 2012

Barbie Doll Cake

Aditi, my friend, Priyanka's little Princess was celebrating her 6th birthday. She requested a Barbie Doll Cake. I had to fulfill that request because it is every little girl's dream to have a Barbie cake once.
I had so much fun baking and making this cake, but it required soooooo much work! I was exhausted by the time I finished this cake.
I started out with two 8" chocolate cakes and I baked one dome shaped cake in a pyrex bowl. I realized that Ms. Barbie was way taller than the three cakes stacked up. So, I had to bake one more cake. I stacked three 8" cakes and topped them with the dome cake. Cut a hole in the center aligning all the cakes and frosted them with Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting. I then piped tiny rosettes on all over the dress. Ms. Barbie was wrapped in saran wrap and slid down the hole.
She turned extremely gorgeous and elegant! She surely had a lot of heads turning.

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